Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New home

I'm now on Wordpress!!!

Come see me there :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We'll paint the town Blue cuz baby red is just so passe

The minute I saw him watching me dance from across the room, I knew I would have to get up the courage to talk to him by the end of the night. Blue was just my type- clean cut, tall, gorgeous blue eyes, even more gorgeous smile. And he was interested. In me. I had one more drink to chase away any shyness, and found a way to casually make my way over and strike up a conversation. I managed to pull him away from his group of friends a bit and started flirting the best I knew how. Apparently it worked.... an hour and a great conversation later, I had a number :)

This being the facebook obsessed world that it is, Blue found me on facebook later that week and we started messaging back and forth. Eventually we decided to go out on a date and talk a bit more in person without the alcohol and the friends in the way. And let me tell you... it was one of the top three dates I have ever been on. Dinner, putt putt, driving around trying to find an ice cream shop that was still open by then, checking out motorcycles... ok sounds a little cheesy maybe but wow it was amazing. I didn't want to stop spending time with him. Which is why I was baffled when Blue dropped me off with no goodnight kiss and then proceeded to speed out of my driveway before I even got to the door like he couldn't get away fast enough. I could not figure out what happened. However, since it was a first date, I didn't take it too personally. Sometimes things just don't work out.

...Which is why I was even more baffled when a couple weeks later, right before I was supposed to go back to school, Blue texted me to see if I wasnted to go out again. I was anxious to give it another chance and see if there was some reason behind the awkward end of the night. So I arranged a fun night with a few friends, so there was a safety cushion if things were too awkward. And they were. This date would go in the bottom three. It. was. awful. There was no connection, no spark, no fun, nothing. I couldn't wait to drop him back off (due to a recent injury on his part I had to drive that night) and I began to wonder what the heck I ever saw in him.

Of course, being the forgiving person that I am, I decided to give Blue yet another chance when I was home one weekend from school. We had stayed in touch a bit, with the occasional text or facebook message. I thought why not, we'll see how it goes this time. Aside from ending up having to walk about a mile each way to and from a party in my favorite high heels (ouch... the bruise under my toenail from that is still growing out...) and being awkwardly dressed very nicely when apparently it was an eighties theme party... it was another amazing evening. Blue was incredibly flirty, and even ventured to make a bit of physical contact that he as of yet hadn't even hinted at. And that first kiss. Wow. I'm not sure if it was the waiting or the unexpectedness or just raw chemistry, but it was amazing. We decided pretty shortly to head back to his place to hang out a bit. And fool around a bit. We ditched the friends we were with as soon as we could, and headed up to his apartment. And from the moment we stepped on the elevator he could not keep his hands off me. We made our way to his room, where the clothes came off bit by bit. I briefly considered slowing down, blah blah, keeping my dignity and respect, but then just thought forget it. And continued to have an amazing time with him.

And then I had to go back to school again. Why did I think it would be a good idea to go away to school? Yea I'm still trying to figure that out. But anyways, once again, kept in contact a bit. And we went out again next time I was home and had almost as much fun as the last time :)

But then after that I kind of got bored. I realized that while we had a decent amount of physical chemistry, ok a lot bit of physical chemistry, we had nothing in common and nothing to talk about. We started re-telling the same stories by that fourth date. And I found myself once again kind of looking forward to the end of the date. So basically after that we just kind of lost contact. When I was home over break we saw each other a few times at the bar where we met, and it was good to see him but there was just no spark. Which was depressing because come on, Blue was pretty. I did consider hooking up with him before I came back to school just for fun, but that never happened. He never responded to my message until the day after I had to come back to school. Damn bad timing. And now he has a girlfiend. I can't say that I'm jealous of her, but I am a little sad that I didn't get that last fling with him that I was hoping for. But I will always get satisfaction from the fact that I am way cuter than her :-P

Thursday, February 26, 2009


This no computer thing is killing me... I promise a new post when I can get on the computer somewhere other than the library for a substantial period of time!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He needs a nickname...

Ok so I could go the whole cliche route. Pop your cherry, lose the v card, blah blah blah. Or you know, the sappy route, giving away that one time gift (usually reserved for church groups preaching abstinence...), but all those annoy me. So I'll be straight up. I finally had sex last weekend. So I guess I could start at the beginning...

...We started off hanging out with some of his friends about an hour from his place. He seemed nervous on the way there, seeing as this would be the first time I met his friends. So I was a little put off when we got to the house, kind of wondering how the night would go. I was expecting disaster. A few beers in, thankfully he started to relax a bit and was back to normal. If there is one very cliche thing about me, it's that alcohol makes me horny. And tequila makes my clothes fall off... but that's a whole different story for another time :p Partway through the night, we both went upstairs to find the bathroom. And apparently he had the same thing on his mind, seeing as he pulled me into the bathroom with him and proceeded to feel me up as he kissed me long and hard. We heard someone coming up the stairs then, so I hurried out of the bathroom to innocently wait in line. And of course, seeing as there was alcohol involved, there was another short bathroom trip. And me being the tease that I am, I told him that I was wearing a very sexy bra and matching underwear. As he started pulling at my shirt to see what I was talking about, I pulled away and said he would just have to wait till later.

We waited until he was sober enough to drive, and then decided to head back. The party was getting a little out of control anyway, and two guys were getting into a fight, so it was good timing to leave. Being the tease that I like to be, I started scratching the back of his head because I know that drives him crazy. I knew we had a long car ride back, but I took advantage of very minute of it to make him want me. At some point earlier in the night, we had decided that I was in control for the night and that I would make all the moves. He immediately regretted this as I started rubbing his thigh while we still had a good amount of the drive left. Stopped at a red light, he leaned over and whispered in my ear that he wished he had not told me to be in control of the moves for the night, because all he wanted to do was get me in his room and rip my clothes off. The tension and the waiting was killing him.

So we finally are back to his place. I kissed him as I pressed my body into his, and then made him wait even longer while I ran to the bathroom. When I came back out, I grabbed him and pulled him into me, and then raised my arms over my head to signal that I wanted him to undress me. We made our way slowly to the bed as we lost items of clothing with each step. I won't go into detail from here, other than to say that I finally felt ready. And we made use of the bed... the couch... even the shower. I felt a little amused... some people wait forever to have shower sex and here it was my first time and we had a go at it. Very very fun :)

So, now I unfortunately don't know when I will get to see him next, since plans for this weekend fell through. Maybe next weekend? Oh well.

Side note... went and saw Coraline with the old roommate tonight... great movie :) Definitely too scary for kids though. But we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Like Her

It's song lyric time... because sometimes they say it better than you could ever say it yourself. Thanks to Miranda Lambert for kicking ass :)

She's beautiful in her simple little way
She don't have too much to say when she gets mad
She understands she don't let go of anything
Even when the pain gets really bad
I guess I should have been more like that

You had it all for a pretty little while
And somehow you made me smile when I was sad
You took a chance on a bruised and beaten heart
And then you realized you wanted what you had
I guess I should have been more like that

I should have held on to my pride
I should have never let you lie
I guess you got what you deserve
I guess I should have been more like her

Forgiving you well she's stronger than I am
You don't look much like a man from where I'm at
It's plain to see desperation showed it's truth
You love her as she loves you with all she has
I guess I should have been more like that

I should have held on to my pride
I should have never let you lie
I guess you got what you deserve
I guess I should have been more like her

She's beautiful in her simple little way

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Officially breaking the rules

Update on my last post. I think a lot of my reasoning for not wanting a relationship in the past has been because I haven't felt like settling down. I enjoy going out and dancing and I like to flirt and meet guys and have fun. I always thought that dating someone seriously would basically get in the way of that. But honestly, lately it's been getting old anyways. And some of my life choices have made my friends mad at me and have caused all sorts of drama. So I have kind of been trying to change a bit lately anyways and not be so crazy I guess. I had a good year of letting myself live a little crazy and have some fun, but honestly I'm tired of it all. Yea, the club scene was fun for a bit. Yea, it's an ego boost to have guys hitting on you for a while. But after not too long, you realize that the clubs are too crowded and a little gross, and the guys are all pretty sleazy. So it's really not that great anyways.

So time for why this is relevant. As of last night, I am officially in my second relationship ever. And I am very happy :) And I was always afraid that being with someone would make me feel like I was tied down, and that I couldn't have as much fun as I used to. But that's really not the case with him. He is in a way very much less experienced than I am, seeing as I am the second girl he has ever kissed or fooled around with. Yea, I think I'm in my thirties at this point haha. So he kind of makes me want to be a better person in a way. I don't regret anything I've done, but being with him makes me want to calm down a bit I guess.

Not to mention, he is completely amazing. I'm afraid he likes me a little too much, but right now I don't mind :) I have never felt as comfortable with anyone as I do with him, and it is a great feeling. Not to mention the killer chemistry... that kind of helps too ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Rules were made to be broken?

So I have several basic rules for myself when it comes to relationships.

Rule one: I don't do relationships.

If I happen to break that rule, I have a few rules to follow it.

Rule two: I don't date younger.
Rule three: I don't do long distance.

Really those are all that are important right now. And the reason is, I am breaking all of these rules at once. But I think I like it. I'll keep you updated on how it goes ;)